Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Literature Review

ISS Lit review

  1. What is the best design in collecting the most water?

  1. How does condensation work?
    Condensation, the formation of a liquid from a vapor or gas. Condensation takes place when the gas or vapor is cooled or compressed (or both), and heat is given off in the process. It is what physicists call a change of state, involving an increase in density of the substance without any chemical change.

  1. Will it work in Singapore?
    Singapore is a hot and humid country. Since air usually contains water vapour, the amount depending primarily on the temperature of the air,As air temperature increases, its capacity to hold moisture also increases. Thus there is a higher rate of \ condensation in Singapore.

  1. How can we speed up the process of condensation?
    Cooling the surface of the material.
  2. Will it be easy to assemble?
    Yes, All it requires is tying of bamboo strips.
  3. How do we ensure the stability of the structure?
    Having a bigger base that is spread out, like a buttress root

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